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Your Options—Abortion

Does abortion seem to you like it’s your only real option?

Abortion is a surgical procedure, and before you make that choice, you deserve to be fully informed.

Before a regular doctor will do surgery on one of his patients, there’s some basic information they consider together to make sure doctor and patient are on the same page. Before you head out to get an abortion, have you considered these questions?

Do you know how the abortion procedure works?

Click here for a clear discussion of the most common abortion procedures.

Do you understand the short and long term physical, emotional and psychological risks that an abortion brings with it?

They’re described here as well.

Have you thought through your options?

Well, we’ve already talked some about your other options—adoption or keeping your baby. Click here if you’d like to go back and think about them again.

And before you jump into getting that abortion...

Click here to learn about why you should get a free ultrasound before making this choice.

Still have questions? Click here to email those questions to one of our nurses. She’ll give you a quick response with answers that you can use.