Ojai Life Choices

Perinatal Hospice Services

Perinatal hospice is a program of care provided to families who find out during pregnancy that their baby has a terminal condition. With increasing prenatal testing, more and more families are finding themselves facing this situation. Perinatal hospice care helps a family accept, embrace, and celebrate their baby’s life, short as it may be, before and after birth.

When your baby is not expected to be born alive, your time during pregnancy with him or her becomes even more precious. Call us to see how you can make the most of this time through ultrasound. We can also help you making a birth plan or connecting with other referral resources.

At Life Choices Pregnancy Clinic, we strongly believe that no family, no mother, should have to face these challenging situations alone. We may not have all the answers as to why these situations occur, but our staff and volunteers understand some of the issues and challenges you may be facing. We’ve been down this road before – personally, or with other families.

Give us a call, or click here to contact us through email. We want to help.